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Sky Messaging is a team of highly talented marketers, pilots and ground crew. This introduction will help you understand who we are, what we do and how we do it! Sky Messaging holds a valid and current Air Operator Certificate (CAA/G959D) issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) as well as an Air Service License issued by the Department of Transport, that ensure a legal, approved and audited operation.

We at Sky Messaging have taken aerial advertising to a new level, primarily in the way that we operate as well as how we deliver to our clients. Sky Messaging follows a unique business model, which is based on sustainability, coupled with a professional and dedicated approach. One question that we hear a lot is why aerial advertising ceased to exist for almost twenty years in South Africa. The answer is relatively simple: banner towing was previously done by a pilot who flew as a hobby on weekends and he or she was not dedicated to providing this service to companies on a full time basis. The other major hindrance was the "traditional" banner towing method, whereby the aircraft approached the banner pickup in a descent using the energy of the shallow dive, and then rotated with application of full power to pick up the banner. With this pick-up method, areas of danger include engine failure, grapple hook deployment errors as well as banner pick-up miscalculations. If the grapple hook is not released in a satisfactory manner, it can snarl on the tailwheel or the landing gear, fouling the landing and potentially causing a crash.

By employing Sky Messaging's safer method, a patented system that allows pilots to take off with the banner already attached to the aircraft (adopted primarily all over Europe for various safety reasons), take-off's in higher wind speeds are possible thus broadening the operational scope. In addition, less powerful aircraft are required with Sky Messaging's methodology, which directly relates to lower fuel costs that can be passed on to the client as well as less carbon emissions.


Management Team Sky Messaging
The Magic Makers Behind Aerial Advertising


Sky Messaging was founded in 2009 by Dietmar following the purchase of the aerial advertising patent. Dietmar is involved in numerous business ventures, primarily in strategic roles. Dietmar holds both the South African as well as the US (FAA) Commercial Pilot License, as well as the Commercial Pilot License for helicopters.

Dietmar Frey

Managing Director

Before joining Sky Messaging in 2010 as Managing Director, Thomas played leadership roles in key areas for companies both within South Africa and the United States, after graduating with a BCom degree from Unisa. Thomas holds a South African Private Pilot License, single engine land and tail dragger rating.

Thomas Kritzer

Safety & Quality Assurance

Anya's aviation background spans almost two decades, penultimately as an executive director in the airline sector. Her vast experience at Global Load Control, a subsidiary of Lufthansa AG, makes Anya well poised to spearhead Sky Messaging's quality and safety portfolio.

Anya Ragaller

Sales & Marketing

Tobias spearheads Sky Messaging's sales & marketing portfolio. After having left Germany in 2010 he graduated with an honours degree from UCT's Graduate School of Business. Tobias has worked across different industries during the past 9 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the business development.

Tobias Wohlrab

General Manager Operations

Chris is the GM for Operations comprising Person Responsible for Flight Operations. Together with several years of travel industry experience, Chris is a qualified commercial pilot, rated on multi engine and tail wheel aircraft and also holds an instrument and banner rating.

Chris Arnott

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