Sky Messaging is delighted to welcome another prestigious brand to the skies!

Footgear will be taking flight on the 22nd of October in Johannesburg, with a campaign that will see the Footgear banner in the Johannesburg and Cape Town skies right through the festive season. Footgear has established itself in the footwear market and has 24 stores located in Johannesburg and Cape Town currently.

The marketing team has seen merit in sticking out from its competitors in a clutter free environment in order to ensure being top of mind with their target market. The banner will be flown over and around the various Footgear stores and their catchment areas during peak periods to maximise the exposure of the enticing banner while overhead.

So for all your foot wear needs just look to the skies and we will be your north star by leading you to your nearest Footgear store in order to treat your feet at the best prices.


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