With aerial banners being showcased overhead of gridlock traffic, thereby targeting a sustainable and captive audience, independent research (University of Cape Town) has demonstrated that banners are difficult if not impossible to ignore:


89% of all respondents agree that the banner is readable & clear


The banner is at all times:

Frequency is Key!

The banner is in essence a moving billboard that is displayed above stationary traffic, which is visible at any given time overhead a particular area. In order to achieve the desired impact, and as an entire city is covered during one flight, one has to conduct multiple flights to effectively cover the vast commuter network.

Flightpath at
300m above ground

Optimal readability zone
± 200m to 600m

For each person within the optimal readability zone there will be approximately three to five times as many people outside of this zone from where the banner may appear unreadable.

With the banner covering approximately 200km of gridlock traffic per flight a large target audience, which is positioned within the optimal readability zone, is successfully reached. The total number of the audience pool is further increased with a high frequency of flights together with varying routing options.

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