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Sky Messaging’s aerial advertising campaigns can be accentuated with various value add propositions that not only increase the efficacy of the campaign but at the same time drive consumer engagement.

Furthermore, with Sky Messaging’s offerings you can be in complete control of the campaign through various transparency initiatives highlighted below.



Drive consumer engagement and the overall OOH experience with Sky Messaging's in house developed GeoNotification system:

Use GeoNotification for:

How GeoNotification Works:




Sky Messaging’s proprietary “Flight and Business Management System” together with a Google API affords you complete transparency. In other words, each second in the sky is accounted for:

  • Live tracking available: either on web browser or iPad and iPhone
  • Receive a SMS when your banner takes to the skies or alternately when the banner is overhead a specific area
  • Automated post flight reporting for campaign audits that ties in with invoicing


With Sky Messaging’s Flight and Business Management System you can seamlessly log into your profile and receive a complete overview of each scheduled and executed flight comprising date, time and routing as agreed to amongst other variables.

In addition, should a flight be moved or cancelled you and/or your agency will receive an automated email informing you of the move or cancellation (including reason) as well as the rescheduled date and time. This way you can stay on top of all of your flights and know exactly at what stage your campaign is. Sheer transparency!

Flights for the previous and next 72 hours (scroll to see all if necessary)

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